5HP Road Loco – about the model

6″ scale Compound 3 speed Steam Road Locomotive

The model 5NHP Burrell 3 speed Road Locomotive shares many, in fact most, of its working parts with the Devonshire. This engine will make a powerful and good looking model, more suitable to be built up as either a crane engine or a showmans engine as it stands higher off the ground and has a front tank for additional feed water.

While the wheels are larger the hubs are same.  The perch bracket and front axle are taller and longer respectively, and patterns for both are made and with the foundry. The smoke boxes are longer and presently in stock. Wheel rims are not in stock yet.  

Overall length of model:  8′ 5 ”
Overall width of model: 3′ 5 ”
Overall hieght: 5′ 5 ”
Weight: 1300kg (to be verified)