5HP Road Loco – boiler & gears

The gear sets for the 5NHP Road Locomotive are available as complete sets, gear cut and with the two keyways cut in the final drive pinion but not the splines on the crankshaft pinions. All gears are steel, in EN8.

The three speed crank shaft gear cluster on the Road Locomotive pinions are identical to the Devonshire engine but the final drives are noticeably larger on the RL.  The Devonshire final drive is 19.25” OD whereas the Road Locomotive is 23” OD, both are 1.375” thick.

By ordering multiple gear sets the price is believed to be highly competitive.  Both the 3 speed Devonshire and 3 speed Road Locomotive gear sets are normally stock items.

 Each gear set comprises:

3 speed change pinions, note splines now not cut
3 seed gear rings
2 final drive pinions, keyways cut
2 final drive gear rings (larger rings and bigger teeth than Devonshire engine).

Road Locomotive gear set £2,140
Road LocomotiveWorm and Wheel £195


Tony B. (AJB engineering) has been the main source for excellent boilers for the Burrells and model live steam boilers in general for decades and is now retired.

We are very lucky to be able to provide similar high quality and service with:

North Bay Engineering
Unit 6
Barton Street
Darlington DL1 2LP  
Telephone number 07831 381333
email david@nbres.co.uk

This how the flanged plates are done – caution it’s hot 🙂