5HP Road Loco – drawings

Drawings 6″ scale Burrell 5HP Road Locomotive A3 set £70 plus £6 p&p

There are 71 sheets in the RL set.
The engine has 3 speeds, a front tank, rim brakes and a sprung front axle.

There are two general arrangement views and also a number of isometric assembly drawings to assist builders. The RL engine may be built as a two speed engine or a SCC engine if preffered.

The RL has a great deal in common with the Devonshire engine, sharing the same boiler and cylinder. The RL has larger front and back wheels than the Devonshire and larger final drive gears to match.
The whole engine stands higher than the Devonshire and accordingly has a different forecarriage.

The drawings are, like the DCC Devonshire, numbered 1 to 71 but a ‘1’ prefixes drawings that are different. For example the Devonshire feed pump is drawing number 50 and 51 but the RL feed pump, which bolts to the hornplate rather than on a pad on the axle bracket, is numbered 150 and 150.

Every effort is made to ensure the drawings are error free. They are in a crisp, clear CAD format. A3 drawings are posted in an A3 plastic card backed folder.

All the above model drawings are the copyright of Little Samson Models.

The Devonshire drawings are inclusive of the mechanical lubricator, displacement lubricator, whistle and goveror.

All the drawings are prepared from Burrell works drawings. Drawing feed back is always welcome.