Burrell Devonshire – about the model

6″ scale traction engine, Single and Double Crank Compound

The 6” scale Devonshire makes and excellent model.  Like the full size it is a compact and powerful model for its size.

The original design, entirely from full size drawings, was designed by Chris Lord based on Burrell 2644 of 1904, and six were started by South Dorset Engineering in the mid 1970s.  Sadly as a commercial concern it was not successful but in model engineering terms it was icon and the first true scale half size models ever built.

The design then passed to Dave Pierce of Lincoln Steam who put the SCC drawings into CAD and re-based the design on Burrell 3262 of 1910.
Dave made a further five engines for customers.

This design has now been purchased by Little Samson Models and the design developed to include the Double Crank Compound engines as well as offering both the SCC and DCC with either two or three speeds.

The SCC design is complete and castings are available.  The DCC is progressing steadily, the cylinder is now drawn and the pattern making has begun.  Realistically it will be towards the end of 2014 that the DCC design will be complete but as so many of the castings are common to both engines builders ought not to be short of parts to make in the mean while!

All the model drawings, both those prepared by Chris Lord and subsequently by Little Samson Models are exclusively extracted from works drawings. Where the Devonshire design evolved, for example the later fitting of top feeds for the boiler clacks, both methods are drawn and appropriately noted for the builder.

**Some Notes On The Model’s History**

Chris Lord’s original prototype, Burrell Devonshire 2644 of 1904, had blind ended cylinders, a ‘bent from bar’ crank and as the brake was fitted to bear on the left hand side final drive gear teeth so the tender entrance was positioned on the right as in the 1889 engraving below. Note the pump clack on the boiler barrell, I have the pattern to make this type of clack, please specify.

Dave Pierce used Burrell Devonshire 3262 for his drawings, three essential detail changes being that these later engines has front and back cylinder covers (not blind ended), had two driving pin hubs and as the brake was fitted behind the second shaft gear rings the tender entrance reverted back to the usual LHS for a Burrell.

Little Samson Models 3 speed SCC Burrell Devonshire is based on engine 3657 ‘Morning Glory’ of 1915. This engine had two cylinder covers, two pin drive hubs, spoked flywheel, fitted with front tanks and rim brakes. She is one of a small number of 3 speed SCC Devonshire engines to have been built, in the picture it may be seen the the flywheel has been plated and motion covers fitted.

Little Samson Models 2 speed DCC Devonshire is based on engine 3902 ‘Elizabeth’ of 1921, this engine being typical of quite a few examples in preservation.

Little Samson Models 3 speed DCC Devonshire is based on engine 3368 of 1912, again it should be notes she has ‘high level’ clacks on both sides. Again there are several 3 speed DCC engines in preservation so te builder has some choice.

Probably the most important decision to make is where to fit the clack vaves, if the builder has no particular prototype in mind the best place is ‘high level’ where they will be out of the way and feed the water in above the water line.
**Some Imortant Dimensions**
Overall length of model:  8′ 0″
Overall width of model: 3′ 4 ” (two speed)
Overall width of model: 3′ 5 ” (three speed)
Overall hieght: 5′ 3 ”
Weight: 1300kg (to be verified)

Model and full size prototype:

Competed engines all SCC examples, For DCC engines see Road Locomotive pictures